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Debt fighters





Financially distressed

Sasha is focused on managing her debt, improving her financial situation, and achieving financial stability.


Sasha is heavily burdened with debt and is focused on getting out of it

She needs access to affordable credit products with low costs and interest rates

She relies on accessible online banking services and mobile payment options to help them manage her money

She’s looking into help for managing her debt, including budgeting and financial planning advice

Administrative specialist

Mum to a corgi - hopes to start a family someday

Loves cooking programmes

Values her individuality & empathy

All I think about is money. I’m constantly checking my bank balance. I feel anxiety about my finances… my number one priority is clearing my debt. I could use some advice - I don’t really know how to begin…

- Sasha

Sasha is...

Most debt fighters are women aged 25-54

Heavily burdened with debt and struggles to pay off her loans

Living paycheck to pay check

Reliant on banking apps, mobile wallets and buy-now-pay later apps

Paying towards a mortgage

Dependant on credit and loans, and makes only the minimum monthly payments

Has a low credit score, but carefully monitors it

Unable to cover larger than expected costs without incurring further debt

When it comes to her current financial mood, Sasha and other debt-fighters are either cautious, worried or distressed. Some 40% Debt Fighters would struggle if their debt goes up by £200

Financial products

Sasha and other debt fighters are the least likely to have a savings account, or have depleted their savings accounts

She cannot afford to save - any savings she may have had go towards paying down her debt

She primarily uses new financial technology apps, from banking to mobile wallets, but also buy now pay later apps

She somewhat distrusts financial, banking and credit institutions

When shopping for a credit product the most important factor is low cost/interest, she doesn’t to care about customer service, and doesn’t investigate hidden costs.

Debt fighters like Sasha have considered cheaper credit and show an above-average interest in one-off financial incentives to switch banks. However, inconvenience and their poor financial history are significant barriers to switching.

In summary

Overall, the key financial needs of Debt Fighters are focused on managing their debt, improving their financial situation, and achieving financial stability.