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Home-focused savers


Financial prudence

Home improvement


Risk averse

Dionne is practical and risk-averse: sticking to what she knows. She is financially stable and confident in her financial situation.

* The persona portrayed in this infographic use fictitious examples of characteristics designed to bring Qudo's collected data points to life.

Dionne’s top financial priority is to save money

She is financially responsible and risk-averse, avoiding debt and prioritising saving for unexpected expenses and emergencies.

She has excellent credit and avoids borrowing altogether.


I’ve always been careful with money and this strategy has worked well for me! I have enough savings now to build a conservatory extension - which will be fab for my orchids, and a great space for the grandkids in the summer.

- Dionne


Volunteers at a charity shop on the weekends

Lives in Birmingham

Loves gardening

She’s focused on supporting family and friends

Prioritising building her savings

Focused on improving her home

Carefully considers affordability before making Purchases

She prioritises low costs, interest rates, transparency, and customer service

Excellent credit score

Group 180

Dionne - and others in the home-focused savers segment - prioritize being debt free. All financial options are thoroughly considered before a choice is made

Financial products

Tendence to stay with the bank for 10 years or more.

She has savings for a ‘rainy day.’

She’s loyal to well-known financial brands and are more likely than other groups to carefully consider their affordability before making a purchase.

They are long-term customers of their banks, and they are also more likely than average to report being satisfied with their bank. She prioritises good customer service and low costs.

Overall, the key financial needs of Debt Fighters are focused on managing their debt, improving their financial situation, and achieving financial stability.

In summary