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Realty aspirers

Property ladder

Financial Discipline


Digital media

Savings focused

Chloe's focus on climbing the property ladder. She's a disciplined saver with a strong focus on building a solid financial foundation to achieve her long-term goal of purchasing a property.

Chloë’s top financial priority is to save money towards property ownership

She’s sometimes feels her life revolves around money

She is financially responsible and risk-averse


Lives in Bristol

She’s creative - enjoys art and painting

Loves cooking Italian food, and dreams of her perfect kitchen


Right now I’m focusing on my career and saving everything I can to buy my own flat. It’s my dream to own my own place, sometimes I’m a little obsessive about it! Boring Chloë, save save save. I still socialize of course - but I’m eager to have my one home where I can entertain my friends - and hopefully with a space where I can set up my art easel and paint on the weekends.

- Chloë

Chloë is...

Highly educated

Renting with flatmates to save money

Using mobile apps and digital wallets almost exclusively to manage finances

Unmarried, single and does not have children - her focus is on herself and career success

Good credit score


Highly disciplined in her saving habits

Most debt fighters are women aged 25-54

Chloë’s - and other realty aspirers - top priority is buying property. She has a strong focus on saving for the long-term goal of home ownership. She generally feels uncomfortable towards investing, as this reminds her of uncertainty - and she wouldn’t want to do anything to put her hard-earned savings at risk.

Financial products

Uses banking apps exclusively to manage her finances. Realty aspirers may also use mobile wallet apps above else, but also crypto wallets and apps offering favourable exchange rates.

Paying off her student loan in addition to saving

She avoids getting involved with consumer credit usagae. When shopping for a credit product in the first place she cares about low cost/interest.

She sees borrowing, taking out loans or credit cards, or investing as risky.

Chloë and other realty aspirers save towards owning property. They’re disciplined savers - putting money away every month (but the amounts may be varied).

In summary

Overall, the key financial needs of Debt Fighters are focused on managing their debt, improving their financial situation, and achieving financial stability.