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Retail investors

Arvind is financially literate and desires to grow his wealth with a savvy financial approach.

Retail Investors like Arvind display above average level of trust in various financial, banking and credit institutions. In particular this is the case with credit card companies, financial advisers, private pension companies, wealth management companies and FinTech companies. He’s open to the idea of switching banks - if they would offer better interest rates, better customer service, better fraud prevention, better online/mobile app experience, and better FX rates.

Arvind prides himself in his financial savvy and feels that financial risk has led him to opportunity, reward and thrill. He’s responsible and disciplined - has no debts, pays his bills in full and on time, has savings and stays within his budget and spending plan.

In summary

Financial products


Arvind has strong financial knowledge, demonstrated by his responsible credit behaviour and savings. He’s debt-free and pays off his credit in full every month.


Financially disciplined

Invests regularly

An early adopter of innovative financial products and apps

I focus on smart investment. I’m willing to take calculated risks. In all honesty, I feel such a thrill when an investment pays off that it’s totally worth it. And I know I’m savvy - and financially comfortable - enough not to worry if it doesn’t.

- Arvind

Owns property and lives in a detached house

Has savings and can cover unexpected expenses

Corporate executive

* The persona portrayed in this infographic use fictitious examples of characteristics designed to bring Qudo's collected data points to life.

Lives in London

Loves cars and motoring

Training for the London Marathon

Proactive in his pursuit of a fulfilling lifestyle

Arvind and other retail investors are very confident managing money and taking financial risk.

He’s not loyal to specific financial, credit or investment brands. He’s open to switching banks, and will research comparison sites to find the best rates or tools.

He has a savings account and contributes towards save long-term goals of home renovation, travel and personal growth. He also maintains an emergency savings fund.

When shopping for a credit or investment products he emphasizes the importance of no hidden costs, good customer services and security and fraud protection.

He’s comfortable borrowing and investing online

Wealth building



Risk takers

Financially literate

Arvind has a preference for investment products - and has the highest intention to invest more. Overall, he’s disciplined and proactive, with a confident outlook and a willingness to take calculated financial risks.