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Vacation vixens



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Carol and Tony seek new experiences and exploring the world. They prioritise saving to indulge their passion for travel.



Their top priorities are saving money and travelling, and they have enough funds to pay for these outright

They travel frequently, and are already preparing for their next trip

They have an interest in a lifestyle of travel, tourism, and exploration , and have been on twice in the past year to the Mediterranean

Celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary

Passionate for travel and adventure - especially Greece

They’re always planning their next trip

They splurge on cruises and fine dining

Travel brought us together, and continues to bring out the best in both of us. We’re at our most joyous and happiest when we’re experiencing somewhere new. I know Carol is my soul mate because she values travel as much as I do - and we’re happy and stable enough for our money to go towards these adventures. It’s a big beautiful world and we want to see all of it!

- Tony

They are...

Seeking new experiences and exploring the world

Travelling is a dominant theme that permeates everything they do

Prioritsing saving money to support their travel expenses

Excellent credit score

Debt-free and they excel at sticking to a budget

They also value financial stability and have a confident financial outlook

They are diligent savers, setting aside funds for short-term expenses like holidays, or emergencies.

For Carol, Tony, and other vacation vixens, travel is a way to escape the routine of everyday life and create lasting memories. Travelling is a dominant theme that permeates everything they do or are about to do.

Financial products

They save to cover the cost for short-term travel experiences, and also have money set aside to cover ‘rainy day’ costs

Paying off her student loan in addition to saving

They are highly confident in managing their finances and take a deliberate approach to spend. They are among the most proficient in terms of self-reported financial management.

Vacation Vixens excel at sticking to a budget and are more likely than the average person to pay off their credit balance in full each month.

Tony and Carol prefer to interact with their bank through online channels like the internet or a website. They and other vacation vixens a report high satisfaction levels with their current bank.

They pay off their credit cards and aren’t concerned with credit. When shopping for credit products, their primary concern is the cost and interest rates, prioritising low and affordable fees.

In summary

Travel is a big theme for Carol and Tony and they are more likely than others to have a life event going on related to travel. So they are more likely than other segments to be preparing for their next trip, or to have travelled more than once in the past 12 months, or to be preparing for their next trip. Above average tnedency to watch cricket. Above average lifestyle aspirations: travel and exploration.