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Welcome to the explanation page for Qudo

We are Qudo AI, an enterprise SaaS for consumer insights and audience discovery. Because generating insights and applying them is hard and tedious work. Qudo AI is the fastest, simplest, and safest way to discover the ideal audiences for your brand, product, or service. Our algorithms have been developed by our Research Team and Data Science Team, both comprised of PhDs and industry experts. That’s Qudo’s secret recipe: how to automate consumer data analysis.

Qudo AI takes research data, generates segmentations and also creates audiences within those segmentations. Qudo AI comes pre-loaded with over 200 audiences you can immediately tap into, based on our original consumer research. Or you can upload your own data and let Qudo AI analyse it entirely autonomously.

In both cases, users can explore the audiences by reading their description, or looking at the AI-generated persona infographic we attach to each audience so that users can get a feeling of what the audience is about in a more visual way.

The other main tool within Qudo AI is Chat2Persona: each audience becomes a synthetic persona users can chat to, asking anything they need to know about that audience, for any marketing, sales, and product needs. Chat2Persona is like a long list of infinitely patient and focused consumers who can answer any business question that would engage with them. Users can ask them what they care about, what drives them to purchase, what pushes them away, but also which messages resonate best, ideas for creative copy, adverts, all the way to the images and videos to use in the campaigns, channels, colours, tone, and more. The same level of enquiry can be used by Product Managers to ask the AI-powered persona how to develop their products and roadmaps.

A final feature is the “Activation Engine”: audiences are made up of criteria (based on the survey data) and we mapped all available criteria against Meta Ads and Google Ads available targeting criteria. Users can pick an audience and upload them as a custom audience on Meta Ads and Google Ads in 1 click, without the need to figure out the targeting themselves.

Chat2Persona is a new way of consuming consumer insights. We say “Data is great, but answers are better” and also “Forget reports: chat to personas!” and similar messages putting the focus on simplicity and immediacy. 

We want to target Market Research agencies, as they are competing against the biggest MR companies like Kantar and IPSOS, and need to have an advantage. They sit on massive quantities of consumer data from all the projects done for their clients. Analysing that data is super expensive. Using Qudo AI will immensely speed up the process, give them the peace of mind of great methodology, and allow going from data to action in no time. We’re unparalleled on that.

We are also the only ones on the market offering synthetic consumer personas you can chat to.