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Unleash your ROAS in 1 click

Ready to take your data analysis to the next level? Qudo 3D has got you covered with pre-made segments, insights, and data all in one place. No need to get your hands dirty with your own analysis – Qudo does it for you and it’s totally GDPR-safe!

Precision Activation Engine™

Qudo joins End-to-End Consumer Research with Activation to help build meaningful customer connections, all under one roof

Using zero party data, Qudo identifies new audience segments and surfaces the most important insights in order to power your improved engagement, acquisition and ROI.

Agile Consumer Research

Find accurate answers to your most important business/research questions at speed.

Detailed market segmentation

Detailed market segmentation

Use salient insights to identify, profile and understand your most valuable consumers

Data-Powered Creative Insights & Concepts

Convert consumer insights into creative concepts that best communicate with each of your segments

Precision targeting

Use Qudo to seamlessly upload segments to the advertising platform of your choice, with no signal loss

Better Connection Means Better Conversion

Struggling to understand why campaigns aren’t getting the ROI causes operational drag and disruption within management.

Acting quickly on quality customer insights has never been more important to keep customers connected to your brand.

Uncovering those crucial insights to get ahead of the competition couldn't be simpler with our dashboard. We’ve made it seamless for growing brands to quickly discover valuable consumer insight that impacts your conversion - All the way from insight through to activation, our process is designed to adapt to any business challenge.


How well do you really understand your customers - are they truly connected to your brand?

Qudo gives you access to smart insights specifically designed to confidently unlock the most valuable elements of your customers wants and needs - all in a simple, easy to use platform.

Discover and untangle the complex world of your target audiences with pure ease.

Whatever business size - find clarity on where you can increase engagement and conversion across any segmented marketing campaign.

Connect with the hearts and minds of your consumers by understanding them better than the competition.

While your competitors are using the same, generic 3rd party data to inform their strategy, Qudo gives you access to insights that are bespoke to you, and only you.

Discover agile consumer research and precision targeting powered by Hybrid Intelligence

Qudo uses the best in machine learning tech, automation and human expertise to uncover priceless insights, seamlessly..


Discover the power of super-slick decision making without losing the value in your data.

Qudo powers your strategic and tactical decision making so you can build rapport and trust with customers using bespoke consumer research without the prohibitively high price tag. Unlock the secret weapons reserved only for the bigger, more established brands so you can scale to similar heights.


Automate behavioural research and reporting

Qudo puts your entire consumer research workflow on autopilot, covering everything from metrics, segment profiling and performance, so you can focus on the work only you can do - but still be in control. It’s like getting a multi-disciplinary in-house team, even if you’re a business of one.


Build meaningful human connections without the cost and complexity

Move seamlessly through the data landscape in just a few clicks – whenever you need to lean on real consumer insight. Remove the from customer targeting, with hybrid intelligence alongside human rationale and empathy.