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Introducing Qudo's new


Our independent market research on Food & Beverage, Tech & Comms, and Travel. Join Qudo for free and access ready-to-go segmentations and AI-powered personas you can activate in 1-click.
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Precision Activation Engine™

Qudo joins End-to-End Consumer Research with Activation to help build meaningful customer connections, all under one roof

Using zero party data, Qudo identifies new audience segments and surfaces the most important insights in order to power your improved engagement, acquisition and ROI.

Agile Consumer Research

Find accurate answers to your most important business/research questions at speed.

Detailed market segmentation

Detailed market segmentation

Use salient insights to identify, profile and understand your most valuable consumers

Data-Powered Creative Insights & Concepts

Convert consumer insights into creative concepts that best communicate with each of your segments

Precision targeting

Use Qudo to seamlessly upload segments to the advertising platform of your choice, with no signal loss

Qudo runs on powerful zero-party data.

You get the most accurate information directly from customers- without the hassle of storing their personal data - making your GDPR worries a thing of the past.

Our clever Al segments the population to identify your most important groups

This gives you a unique perspective of the different groups within your audience including what brings them together and what sets them apart.

For each segment, our tool shows you the most important and interesting insights.

Our team of experienced data-crunchers provide comprehensive reports of your most valuable consumers - taking the guesswork out of audience segmentation.

Effortless activation.

Qudo's Precision Activation Engine syncs with your preferred advertising platforms to upload precise targeting for each segment and automatically set up campaigns for your audiences.

Superb ROAS makes you the marketing superhero.

Qudo is your secret weapon to bridge the gap between insight and activation, our approach multiplies your return on advertising spend (ROAS) making you the star of the show.