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Introducing: CHAT 2 PERSONA!

Don't search for answers. Ask c2p!

The first tool that lets you chat with synthetic consumers in plain English. Trained on real consumer market research, Chat2Persona will give you all the answers you need without having to go through reports, tables, charts, and data yourself.
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We're in the business of audience insights

Finally, consumer insights that are easy to understand and activate in 1 click

The hardest thing about insights is making sense of them with certainty. At Qudo, we work hard to find novel ways of consuming those insights, removing complexity and shaving off time from your entire process. We developed tools that make data-driven decisions the easiest process you've ever witnessed. Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading!

Our data, or your data

Our tools come pre-loaded with real-life market research, but the biggest value lies in using your own data on our tools. And if you need some more, we can run bespoke research for you.

The best results from top-class analysis

The best results from top-class analysis

We use ML and AI designed by our specialists to extract the most significant segmentations from your data. Whether it's old or new data, we can analyse anything better than others.

AI-powered personas you can talk to

Ask our AI about marketing, strategy, messaging, creative visuals, product features, and more. We train bots on real consumer segments, so that you can get answers 24/7.

Precision targeting

Finally, each persona can be activated as a custom audience on Meta Ads, Google Ads and Tik Tok Ads (upcoming). Everything you need to target the right audience in 1 click!

Data was never the problem

We create the best consumer audiences on the market, which is why you want Qudo to create bespoke personas for you based on your own consumer data.

We are also experts at designing sophisticated and complex market research projects, to produce the data you might not currently have.

Methodology is everything for our Data Science and Research teams, led by international lecturers and PhDs.

Our bespoke Al segments the population to identify your most important groups

This gives you a unique perspective of the different groups within your audience including what brings them together and what sets them apart.

Don't just look for important insights. Ask them.

Chat 2 Persona lets you talk with AI consumers, trained on each segment coming out of your data. Ask our synthetic personas anything you need to know when it comes to consumer preferences, and skip time consuming market research surveys and focus groups. Chat 2 Persona is also available 24/7!

Effortless activation.

Qudo syncs with your preferred advertising platforms to upload precise targeting for each segment and automatically set up campaigns for your audiences.