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Introducing our new Consumer Zeitgeist study: Food & Beverage, Travel & Leisure, Tech & Comms

We are excited to announce the launch of Consumer Zeitgeist, our expanded consumer data studies, covering three new industry verticals: Food & Beverages, Travel & Leisure, and Consumer Tech. We can’t wait to see what Qudo users will be able to achieve with our insights and custom audiences. Finally, more verticals have the opportunity to grow their campaign return up to x6!

The Qudo Research Team produces top-class market research, leveraging rigorous methodologies. Then, we analyse, segment, and refine the results for you. Thanks to our process, our studies provide valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, all the way down to custom audiences you can activate in one click.

And if you have already tried out Qudo, and checked one of the 18 clusters we created for our Financial study, you know we go way beyond the classic demographic data. We run psychometric tests, uncover behavioural patterns, and drivers and barriers. That allows us to reach a deep psychological understanding of consumers, which we can use to create precise targeting mapping. 

That is why Qudo’s custom audiences are so effective. They combine targeting expertise with deep consumer insights, and it’s all done for you.

Let’s now look at the sections of Qudo’s Consumer Zeitgeist study:

Food & Beverages

In our Food & Beverages study, we cover everything about consumption and preferences when it comes to eating, drinking, brands, groceries, supplements, and more.

Does your ideal target audience enjoy alcoholic drinks? Are they healthy eaters who consume food supplements and cook at home, or foodie lovers who eat out or order in? Do coffee lovers also enjoy eating at pubs? Or do they prefer Nando’s?

Thanks to our comprehensive study, you can tell all the preferences of eaters and drinkers, to approach them the right way. 

Example: let’s say you manage a meal ingredients delivery service and you focus on quality ingredients and classic dishes. You decide to evaluate your menu because growth is challenging. You check Qudo’s Food & Beverages insights and you realise that “home cookers”, people who cook from home, have a preference for more sophisticated dishes, so you expand your menu and launch a series of “restaurant at home” dishes to capture the attention of the more sophisticated “home cookers”.

Travel & Leisure

Our Travel & Leisure study uncovered different types of travellers, such as adventure seekers and luxury travellers, but it also uncovered preferred ideal destinations, how they like to book a trip, what kind of transportation they like, and much more.

Do frequent travellers like to read and leave reviews? Which groups prefer going on holiday with friends or family? Do business travellers use loyalty schemes? What are the preferences of the budget-conscious traveller? 

Example: let’s say you manage a travel agency specialising in cultural trips around the Mediterranean and you are about to launch your next summer season campaign in the UK. You check Qudo’s Travel & Leisure study and find out what kind of offering the “culture travellers” prefer, so you create unique packages that capture the consumer preferences you discovered.  

Consumer Tech

Finally, our Consumer Tech study covers everything there is to know about consumers and digital devices, smartphones, new technologies, gaming, TV, and more. 

Do gamers use tablets? What are the drivers behind an Android smartphone buyer? What are the characteristics of a new device that will capture the attention of multiple consumer groups? How does device pricing influence consumer buying habits?

Example: Let’s say you manage a niche consumer device company and you want to understand how consumers deal with technology. You check Qudo’s data and find out about “frequent upgraders”, people who upgrade/replace devices more than once a year. You can see that’s a juicy audience segment, so you explore more. You find out that “frequent upgraders” also overwhelmingly prefer to buy the best top-of-the-line devices. They are also not at all interested in product reviews and ratings, so you know review sites are not going to work with them. You also discover that they are very interested in home automation and smart home tech so you develop a partnership with a smart home tech company and launch a joint campaign…

Everything, Everywhere All At Once

All the examples above are specific to an industry vertical. But we go beyond that. Because the data comes from our original and comprehensive Consumer Zeitgeist market research, you can mix the results and answer more complicated questions with the peace of mind that comes with statistically relevant research, like ours.

For example… Do heavy gamers prefer coffee or beer? Do frequent travellers buy a lot of personal devices? Where do healthy eaters prefer to go on holiday?  

Because all the data points are related, we can produce segments like “Tech-savvy Luxury Traveller”, a group of people who prefer high-end smartphones, travel first class, dine at French restaurants, rely on reviews, own property, and are top earners.

Example: let’s say you are selling hiking tech. With Qudo you can mix the travel insights with the consumer tech insights. You take the Outdoors Travellers and check what drives them to buy new devices, how frequently, and how much they spend on tech. Finally, you look at the media consumption and visual preferences of Outdoor Travellers, so that you know exactly how to craft your campaign.

You will be able to find answers to that and many more questions on Qudo, starting today.

Qudo is currently in closed beta, which means you can join entirely for free and use the entire platform at no cost. Give it a try today and let us know what you think!

Qudo is in beta and it's 100% free!

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