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Understanding your ideal customer is finally easy thanks to Qudo

Marketing is the spice of life, the maker of the breaker of fortunes, the one oracle we all seek help from to answer the ancestral question: “how do I sell this?!” As a marketer or a business owner, you “simply” need people to buy your products. And the best way to do that is by meeting their demands and needs while tapping into the zeitgeist, that mix of culture and social that defines periods when one topic takes over mainstream media.

This is why understanding your ideal customer is so important. It’s not just a sterile exercise. You need to know what people want to see before you can show them something they’ll like. Customer behaviour is fundamental at all stages of the marketing (and business!) process.

To understand customers, you need data points. Then you need someone with the skills to analyse that data in a way that makes actual sense. Ideally, the best option would be to have access to great data plus someone like a data scientist or analyst crunching the numbers, so that your marketing team can focus on crafting better messages, faster. Unfortunately, valuable data is hard to produce, hard to find, and in most cases, quite expensive. And that’s just the data part. Then there’s the analysis part, which requires more skills or, in other words, time and money.

Enter Qudo 3D, the first Precision Activation Engine in the world, bringing zero-party data, insights, pre-made segments and full audience targeting all in one place, without requiring technical expertise or data of your own.

Your market, mapped

The first thing that we do here at Qudo is design and execute sophisticated market research projects to map consumer behaviour in a certain space. We started with “Financial products and services”, and we are currently working on “Consumer zeitgeist”, “Leisure” and more. Our Research team works hard to form questionnaires and research activities that maximise their statistical relevance.

They launch the research through multiple channels, and aggregate more than 300 data panels to remove pre-selection bias, the typical statistical issue you have when using only one surveying tool. They then collect and clean the results, ready to be analysed by our Data Science team.

Thanks to internally developed algorithms, they identify the patterns in the data, and are therefore able to map the entire market in question (i.e.: Financial products and services) first by delineating clusters (which we call Segmentations), and then by naming and describing each Segment within each Segmentation.

For example:

  • STUDY: Financial products
    • SEGMENTATION 1: Borrowing
      • SEGMENTS: A. Cautious borrowers; B. Struggling borrowers; etc…
    • SEGMENTATION 2: FinTech
      • SEGMENTS: A. Mainstream; B. Early adopters; etc…

Thanks to that mapping, your market of choice will have no secrets. You will be able to slice your market down to the last audience, always knowing that you have everything you need to effectively communicate with all those groups, and therefore grow your market share.

Let’s take apparel retail, for example. Imagine using Qudo to analyze your customer data and discover that a large percentage of your top audience segment is almost never in debt, prefers sustainable brands, and is worried about the climate. With this knowledge, you can tailor your product offerings to appeal to this demographic. You could source eco-friendly fabrics and manufacture products that fit with your customers’ sustainable values. You could also design your website and marketing campaigns to better target this audience, using imagery and language that speaks to their values and preferences.

In short: when you know what your ideal customer thinks, you can give engage them with messages they will enjoy and consume. Because at the end of the day, there’s only one thing that people DON’T block online, and that’s the content they want.

Activation Tools for Turning Data into Action

So, insights out-of-the-box help you “see” your market and “know” your audiences. Now what?

But that’s not all. Qudo 3D gives you the segments to target, which you’ll use to craft your best campaign in no time. Those segments would mean nothing unless you could actually target them, in a practical sense. And that’s where the ACTIVATION part of Qudo 3D comes in: every pre-made segment comes with all targeting criteria mapped to perfection, for each digital paid channel available.

Because there is a different way to target “people who read a lot of news”, for example, on MEta Ads than on Google Ads. But you don’t have to worry about it. We mapped ALL criteria for you, and you’ll find them in Qudo 3D, ready to go. One-click and your audience are loaded on your Ad platform.

Thanks to the direct, end-to-end connection between data, insights, and activation, you will be able to launch better campaigns faster, in just clicks.

Speed and Efficiency in Research and Campaigns

In today’s fast-paced business environment, time is of the essence. With the increasing competition, it is important to stay ahead of the game and make quick and informed decisions. This is where an insights and activation platform like Qudo comes in. By leveraging Qudo’s platform, you can launch and iterate campaigns faster than ever before, making sure you stay ahead of the competition and respond to changes in the market quickly and efficiently.

Imagine that you run a food delivery service and want to test a new marketing campaign for a specific type of cuisine. Or a tech SaaS, trying to figure out how to prioritise features on your roadmap. Or a retailer, dipping into a new product category. Before Qudo 3D, you needed to spend months on research, analysis and delivery, and it would not be cheap.

With Qudo 3D’s insights, you can go from zero to launch in hours.

Compliance with Privacy Regulations

Now, let’s make one thing clear. Qudo 3D is based on the original market research we design and run, aggregating direct data from more than 300 panels. That gives us the best statistical relevance while removing the pre-selection bias you will find when using data from only one source. All our data is zero-party data. That means, data that responders gave knowingly and willingly, and that comes without any personal identification.

That means that Qudo 3D is 100% safe for all major privacy regulations. GDPR, CCPA… they’ll no longer be an issue at the back of the mind. Qudo 3D will always have data available, it will always be the best data for consumer analysis, and it will always follow the golden standards for privacy.

We are extremely aware that privacy is a growing concern for many customers, and it’s important that your business complies with privacy regulations. Our tool gives you the peace of mind you need, knowing that you won’t risk losing access to our valuable insights.

Conclusions: Qudo 3D solves your consumer data and market research problems

Nailing your ideal customer profile, and really understanding their needs and wants, are key to commercial success, which is a win-win situation. People want things, and you have what they want. You just have to meet! Which is the purpose of marketing. But marketing requires insights based on good data, and that’s expensive and time-consuming to achieve.

Qudo 3D solves those problems giving you access to a precision activation engine complete with data, insights, segments, personas, and audience upload, all in one place, all for a monthly subscription.

We are currently in closed Beta, and if you want to test Qudo 3D before open launch, don’t hesitate to sign up to the waiting list!